Five ways to count outdoor cycling fitness

Five ways to count outdoor cycling fitness

There are many benefits to fitness, so many people choose to exercise their bodies when they are busy at work. Let’s take a look at five cycling methods for outdoor cycling.

  Many people choose to commute to work by bike. If you choose a bike that suits you, and you ride the bike in a scientific way, you will definitely get the most effective exercise on the way to and from work.

  The strength-type cycling method is to ride hard according to different conditions, such as: adjusting the gear size when uphill or uphill (limit five-speed or ten-speed adjustable speed bicycle), you can improve the muscle strength or muscles of both legsEndurance qualities.

  Core muscle strength riding method leaves the seat during riding, but does not stand upright. At the same time, the core (waist and abdomen) exerts force to control the body balance. The alternative method can be used to train the core muscle strength.

  In the temporary cycling method, when riding, first ride at a moderate speed for one to two minutes, then 1.

Riding at 5 to 2 times the speed for two minutes, then cycling at a slow speed, and then returning to the fast speed. Alternating cycling exercise can improve the trainer’s adaptability to aerobic exercise.

  Fat-reducing bicycling rides at a moderate speed. Generally, you must ride for more than 40 minutes without interruption. At the same time, pay attention to breathing regularly, which is very effective for reducing fat.

  The intensity cycling method requires first to ride for five to seven minutes at 60% of its limit speed, and then observes its own pulse per minute with an heart rate monitor, which is placed in the cardiopulmonary function training interval, which can achieve the cardiovascular systemeffect.
  Tips: 1.

Wear professional sports gloves during exercise, one is anti-slip, and the other is to protect your hands after a fall.


Weight-bearing (backpack) cycling training is not recommended. The exercise of the bicycle is mainly for the duration of time. If you ride the weight-bearing bike again, you may hurt your head and lumbar spine.


Absolutely, you need to replenish every 5 to 10 minutes.


The position of the seat.

Artificially on the ground, the initial leg is lifted, and the height when the thigh is parallel to the ground is the same as the height of the seat.

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