Several ways to effectively enhance memory

Several ways to effectively enhance memory

What to do if my memory is poor?

Today, I will give you tips on how to improve your memory. The following 9 ways to enhance your brain power can effectively help you improve your memory.

  1. Have a drink of cocoa. Researchers at the University of Nottingham in the UK have detected an antioxidant flavanol from cocoa, which can increase blood flow to the blood vessels, allow the brain to obtain sufficient oxygen and nutrients, and improve the brain function of the elderly.Patients with senile dementia and stroke have a certain therapeutic effect.

  2. More contacts with people. Research from the University of Michigan in the United States found that social interaction can make your thinking more agile. After 10 minutes of chatting, the reaction speed of the human brain has increased rapidly.

  3. Learn a foreign language. Research from the University of Toronto in Canada shows that elderly people who have mastered two languages can develop senile dementia for 4 years longer than others.

Learning foreign languages can increase the density of gray matter in the hippocampus of the brain, and enhance memory and concentration.

  4. Running researchers at Illinois State University said that running can promote the regeneration of brain cells and delay the decline of memory.

Sports experts recommend running in “interval training” mode, that is, running for 30 seconds, then jogging for 90 seconds, and repeating 6 cycles.

Do it twice a week.

  5, people who eat eggs for breakfast but do not eat breakfast, the blood sugar level drops rapidly, so the lack of “nutritional” brain becomes slow.

Experts recommend eating some fiber and protein supplements for breakfast, such as fried eggs, whole wheat bread, and porridge.

  6, raisins as snacks USDA researchers found that 3 are replaced every day.

2 millimeters of boron (content of 25 grams of raisins) improves memory and attention by 10%.

Boron is an important nutrient, and research has proven that it can improve hand-eye coordination and prolong attention time.

  7, take a notebook with a good memory is not worth the bad pen.

A neuroscience expert at the University of Sussex in the UK said that you should keep a notebook with you and write down what you are going to do tomorrow before going to bed.

Draw an item every time you finish it according to the priority, which will greatly improve the ability to handle the work.

  8. Eat 1/3 less a day. A German study found that reducing the introduction of daily changes can enhance memory.

Reducing certain free radicals in the body will reduce various metabolic and free radical production in the body, so that brain cells can function in a healthier state, thereby helping memory.

  9. Taking care of children Professor Craig Kingsley of the University of Richmond in the United States said that women who are new mothers secrete a large amount of estrogen to improve their sensitivity and attention.

For the elderly, taking care of children every day also exercises brain supplements.

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