[Difference between bonito and flounder]_ distinction _ difference

[Difference between bonito and flounder]_ distinction _ difference

Dolly fish is a shell, with an elliptical body, and the surface is brown or black in the brown.

And the body is asymmetrical, the eyes are above the body and it looks pretty ugly.

Many people often mix turbot and flounder because their eyes are distorted. So is turbot a flounder?

It can only be said that bonito is a type of flounder.

Is Tuba fish a flounder?

It can only be said that the bonito is one of the flounder. The two belong to a subordinate relationship, not an equal relationship.

Dolly fish is an elegant and beautiful “butterfly fish”, and it is one of the world-renowned high-quality flounders.

At the same time, it was also called “rooster in the sea” by the ancient Romans.

About the appearance of the flounder: The appearance of the flounder is different from other fishes. It has two eyes on the same side, usually lying on its side, the upward side has eyes with color, the downward side has no eyes and no color, and facesThe color on the previous side can be changed by changing the color of the environment.

Halibut nutrition: Halibut is supplemented with protein, vitamin A, vitamin 140D, calcium, phosphorus, potassium and other nutritional ingredients, especially vitamin B6, which is rich in content, and trace supplementation. In addition, halibut also contains DHA, the main component of the brain, and is often eaten.May enhance intelligence.

Halibut efficacy: Halibut medicinal properties Halibut has the effects of rheumatism, blood circulation and collaterals.

The unsaturated fatty acids contained in it are easily absorbed by the body, which can help lower cholesterol in the blood and enhance physical fitness.

Dorval fish Dorval fish is a fish of the genus Polygonum, commonly known as European flounder. In China, it is called Dorval fish. In natural seas, adult fish can grow up to 75 cm in length, with a flat body and a long oval shape.Shaped or long tongue-shaped, the eyes of juvenile fish are in the body part, and the adult fish’s body is asymmetrical left and right. One eye gradually turns to the left or right. Both eyes are on the right or right side of the head, the mouth is slightly protruding, and the fins are generally not.Fin spiny skin, long dorsal fin and anal fin base, connected or unconnected with caudal fin, eyes twisted with the body upward, the color of this side matches well with the surrounding environment, the body gradually becomes white downward, and the surface of the body is extremely polarFine scales.

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