10 tips for women’s health

10 tips for women’s health

As a woman, you have to live more carefully and recognize the small details of life.

Women who are healthy and know how to keep healthy need to make use of the whole day to enjoy their physical health.

So, how do women do well?

Let ‘s take a look together: 1. Drink wolfberry black sesame porridge for breakfast. Drink a bowl of wolfberry black sesame porridge for breakfast.

After getting up every morning, you can cook 5 grams of wolfberry, 30 grams of black sesame, 5 red dates, and 50 grams of rice together.

Chinese wolfberry is also known as Mingmuzi. It can treat dizziness caused by insufficient essence and blood, vision loss, and red dates to nourish blood and eyes, just like black sesame seeds. Drinking this porridge can eliminate eye fatigue symptoms and enhance physical fitness.
  2, do finger exercises at rest, do finger exercises at rest, enhance immunity.

According to Chinese medicine, from the thumb to the little finger, corresponding to the human lung, large intestine, pericardium, triple focus, heart and small intestine, multiple active fingers can clear the meridians, increase blood flow to the brain, and improve immunity.

Finger exercises can be done once a day, and the method is not limited, as long as the fingers are fully moved.

  3. Drink a glass of honey water. Drink a glass of honey water every morning to promote metabolism.

Honey is a food that moisturizes women. It can trigger the normal secretion of gastric acid and enhance the peristalsis of the intestines, which helps to expel the waste accumulated in the body.

  4. A health expert who plays a virtual tennis match recommends morning exercise.

Don’t you want to go out?

It’s okay, you can exercise at home, and it’s fun.

Both Nintendo and Sony have launched tennis games. You can turn on the TV, use the motion sensing system to target the characters in the game, and play an immersive tennis game.

Feel real, sweat more real.

  At noon, the yang and yang qi in the natural world is the strongest. We must not only maintain sufficient yang qi in the body to maintain organ function, but also prevent the yang qi from turning into “fire qi” and hurt the body.

  5, American ginseng tea After eating “American ginseng stewed lotus seeds” afternoon tea, lasting spleen.

Although the role of lotus seeds in replenishing the spleen and stomach is not the strongest, it is very long-lasting. As long as it can be consistently excreted, the effect of replenishing is still ideal.

American ginseng has a certain coolness, is not easy to get angry, and often contains a few tablets or tea, which can slowly affect the spleen and stomach, the spleen and stomach gradually strengthened, digestion and absorption capacity improved significantly.

You can soak a little lotus seeds and ginseng slices in a small bowl after getting up, steam them for 2 hours and steam them for afternoon tea.

  6. Siesta for half an hour and nap for half an hour is conducive to Yang Yang.

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that the yang is the strongest at noon, and the yin is weak. This is when we should take a nap and let the qi “heyang”, which is beneficial to Yang Yang.

The dweller is best to sleep for half an hour at home after a meal. Resting well can help the stomach absorb nutrients and fully restore the brain.

  7, clockwise massage of people with less abdominal movements usually have abdominal stiffness, internal organ temperature is low, resulting in lower blood pressure, metabolism and internal organ function decline.

Friction massage can effectively increase the temperature of the abdomen and promote visceral movement.

While massaging the palm against the abdomen, insert it clockwise and massage in a circle with the belly button as the center until the abdominal temperature rises significantly.

  At night, the natural qi is strong and the yang is weak. We should do more nourishing yin and raise the yang to help the body tonic.

  8. You can do pedicure at home for four seasons, but the water temperature in spring and summer can be slightly lower.

Put some mint, red lotus, and ganoderma in the water in the evening to soak your feet. Under the cooling effect of mint, the body’s meridians can also be cleared, which will promote your disease prevention and cure index.

  9, fruit juice supper Five kinds of juice to make supper, anti-aging in advance.

What late-night snack to stay healthy?

The office worker may buy a bottle of yogurt, while the house owner can solemnly prepare himself some healthy juice.

Recommend 5 kinds of beautiful skin refreshing fruit juice mix: apple + carrot + spinach + celery, banana + papaya + yogurt, kiwi + orange + lemon, grapefruit + grape, cucumber + soy milk + mint.

  10. Practice abdominal breathing before bedtime. Practice abdominal breathing before bedtime to enhance cardiopulmonary function.

Abdominal breathing allows the diaphragm to participate in exercise, which can make the breath deeper and longer, and can massage the internal organs, effectively eliminating unnecessary effects.

When practicing, it is best to lie on your back or sitting with your right hand on your abdomen and your left hand on top. It stretches and stretches when you inhale and contracts the sleeve inward when you exhale.

If you practice regularly, you will become accustomed to abdominal breathing, which will enhance your cardiopulmonary function.Out of body, improve metabolism.

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