Two Summer Health Misunderstandings

Two Summer Health Misunderstandings

The most comfortable study of “shower shower” shows that the air concentration in summer is the most difficult to spread before 6 am, at this time is the peak period of pollution.

People generally like to do morning exercises in places with green plants, such as lawns, woods, and flowers. Before sunrise, because there is no photosynthesis, there is not much fresh oxygen around the green plants. On the contrary, a small amount of carbon dioxide is accumulated.Is unfavorable.

Therefore, summer morning exercises should not be earlier than 6 o’clock.

  Drinking beer in the summer has a certain effect on relieving the heat, but drinking more beer can make people feel dry and pharyngeal, and the whole body fever.

Beer contains alcohol, and drinking too much will not achieve the purpose of relieving heat, but will reduce people’s thinking ability and work efficiency.

  On a hot summer day, people will absorb a lot of time when they go out. The pores of the human skin are in the “open” state, and then immediately “shower” and enter the body’s pores to close quickly, so that they cannot be emitted and stay in the body, which can easily cause feverAt the same time, when “cooling down”, due to the rapid contraction of brain capillaries, it also easily causes insufficient blood supply, making people dizzy, and severe cases may also cause shock.

Therefore, when going home in the summer, you should make yourself sweat first, and then take some cooling measures after the body’s heat is released.

  Drinking beer to relieve the heat shows that on the hot summer day, the temperature is generally close to or higher than 30 ° C. At this time, the bare skin can not only dissipate heat, but a small amount of skin absorbs more from the surrounding environment. If you wear too little clothes, you will feelHotter.

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