Prevent Alzheimer’s from now

Prevent Alzheimer’s from now

When joking, we often say the word: dementia!

Although this is a word that appears in jokes, it also reflects this kind of psychology from one side. The mental illness is that it often occurs in our lives and it is inevitable.

In the end, how to help your parents avoid the dangers of Alzheimer’s, and how to prevent yourself from the troubles of Alzheimer’s in the future, recommends the following good methods for you.

  Due to the different causes of dementia, the prevention methods are different, mainly in the following aspects: First, a balanced diet, avoid excessive salt and animal pups.

The daily intake of salt should be controlled below 10 grams, and animal feces and sugar, protein, dietary fiber, vitamins, minerals, etc. should be supplemented in a balanced manner.

  Second, exercise moderately to keep your waist and feet strong.

The movement of the hands is also very important. Frequently, some complicated and delicate handwork can promote the vitality of the brain. Cooking, diary, playing musical instruments, and drawing all have the effect of preventing dementia.

  Third, avoid excessive drinking, smoking, and regular life.

Excessive drinking can cause liver dysfunction and cause brain dysfunction.

Drink more than 0 a day.

People above 3 liters are more likely to develop cerebrovascular dementia than the average person.

Smoking not only causes cerebrovascular dementia, but also an important cause of dangerous diseases such as cardiovascular infarction.

  Fourth, prevent lifestyle disorders such as arteriosclerosis, hypertension and obesity.

Early detection and early treatment.

  Fifth, be careful not to fall, a fall on the right can cause dementia.

Seniors should use crutches if necessary.

  Sixth, maintaining a high degree of interest and curiosity about objects can increase people’s attention and prevent memory loss.

Elderly people should do more things for young people and participate in public welfare activities and social activities to strengthen the brain nerves.

  Seventh, we must actively use the brain to prevent mental decline.

Even when watching a TV series, you can use your brainpower to express your feelings at any time.

Reading and publishing experience, playing chess, writing a diary, writing letters, etc. are simple and mentally helpful methods.

  Eighth, pay attention to people at any time, maintain good interpersonal relationships, and find their own survival value.

  Ninth, keep a young heart and dress yourself appropriately.

  Tenth, avoid being too deep, negative, sighing, and living in a cheerful mood.

Elderly people often have to face lost experiences such as retirement and the death of a friend. Many people suffer from depression, which reduces immune function, lacks appetite and physical strength, and even stays in bed for a long time.

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