[7 months baby banana millet porridge]_ toddlers eat _ how to make

[7 months baby banana millet porridge]_ toddlers eat _ how to make

After the baby is born, parents will first feed the baby with breast milk. After the baby grows up, the nutrition in the breast milk can no longer meet the baby’s physical needs, so parents will gradually add complementary food to the baby when the baby is half a year old.

Some parents buy finished complementary foods for their babies, and some parents like to make complementary foods for their babies. Can banana millet porridge for 7 months old be eaten?

Parents can come and find out.

First, can I eat banana millet porridge as a complementary food? Babies over half a year old can use banana millet porridge as a complementary food.

About half a year is a good time for babies to add complementary foods, because babies begin to learn and will learn to eat with adults. At this time, adding complementary foods to your baby will be accepted quickly.

And the baby’s stomach has developed to the extent that it can carry out some digestive functions, banana millet porridge is soft and rotten, easy to digest, and the baby can eat.

Second, how to make banana millet porridge The practice of banana millet porridge is actually quite simple. It only takes a few steps to complete.

Let’s take a look at the detailed production steps.

Ingredients: Banana oxide root, millet 20g.

1. Wash the millet and boil an appropriate amount of water until soft.

2. Stack and peel the bananas, put them on a strainer, and use a fork to squeeze them into mud.

3. Add banana puree to millet porridge, stir well and bring to a boil.

4. Strain it twice with a strainer to remove large particles and allow them to cool slightly before serving.

When adding complementary foods to babies, pay special attention.

If you are feeding your baby with banana millet porridge, you must know if your child is allergic to millet and bananas, you can feed them a little at a time and slowly increase the amount.

If your baby is unwilling to eat, or if something abnormal occurs during use, be sure to stop immediately.

Third, banana millet porridge has a certain effect. Banana is a very delicious fruit, and everyone is very familiar with it.

However, did you know that bananas have different nutritional effects, and banana millet porridge is more delicious and nutritious.

Banana millet porridge can have a good effect on human hair and promote healthy skin growth.

1. Banana is a cold fruit, and the prepared banana porridge has the effects of clearing heat and detoxifying, nourishing the lungs and intestines, relieving cough and phlegm.

It has good nutritional value to human spleen and stomach.

2. Banana millet porridge has the effect of hangover.

Therefore, people who have finished drinking can order banana porridge, which is not only delicious and sweet, but also relieves drunkenness, which is really good.

3. Banana millet porridge can improve human immunity, improve resistance, and promote blood circulation.

Regular consumption can prevent diabetes, beriberi, age spots, hypertension and other diseases.

4, banana millet porridge has a variety of vitamins, containing calcium, phosphorus, iron and other minerals, plays a vital role in human health.

It can effectively promote skin growth, wound healing, and make the skin smooth and transparent.

5. Banana millet porridge also has a positive effect on people’s emotions, which can reduce human fatigue and inspire people’s spirit, which is positive and full of joy.

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