Try to give men five freedoms

Try to give men five freedoms

When not yet married, by someone’s excuse, the man will surely ask the woman whether he will restrict his freedom after marriage.

Maybe the woman would end “No” at the time.

But after marriage, a woman who is already a wife is inevitable. She must wash her hair and take a shower to go to bed. Do not throw stinky socks and pay the wages. At present, the society is showing multiple choices and multiple temptations. We are anxiousIt is not necessarily wise to hold the man around him firmly.

Let ‘s not talk about a man ‘s Yang Fengyin violation, but simply say that a man ‘s nature is always more controlled and rebellious. It can be said that where there is “oppression”, there is “resistance”.

  Those women who wish to “manage” a good husband have basically suffered such losses and left a lesson full of heart. As a result, some people are unable to survive, and some people have maintained their wisdom and courage, while othersSome, however, have to eat for a long time and grow wisdom, and since then have learned that they must be comfortable with men.

  Give men a certain degree of freedom appropriately, men will not even fear marriage, and it will make your emotional life more stable and harmonious.

Try to give men five freedoms.

  Women in the tradition of economic freedom believe that “grasping the stomach of a man” means seizing the heart of a man, while modern women are more willing to seize the economic lifeline of a man because they believe in one thing: a man gets worse whenever he has money.

  In order to prevent micro-durations and prevent problems before they occur, a large number of women show a passion than having sex, always grasp the “collection” of their husbands, and more strictly control their “support”, thinking that this can destroy the basis of men’s deterioration.

  You need to know that this will not only catch the man ‘s heart, but also make the man break apart: put aside his wife ‘s name in front of friends again, and replace the face that loses his face in many cases. Replacement is more likely to hide behind you.Private house money.

  Ambition Freedom Man’s ambition is the most precious wealth, which will keep men’s passion and expectations for life permanently, but at the same time this is also the most privacy of men. Except for the woman they love most, I am afraid they will not share it with others in public.
  Ambition is to married men. Many times, their responsibility to the family is their driving force. Even if it is a realistic reason, at least, you are the beneficiary. So do n’t just laugh at or kill the ambition of killing men. Allow them.Even modest dreams are fantasies, and men without illusions usually have no ambitions, and such marriages may taste like wax to you.

  Freedom to make friends If you say “color” is a man who is facing each other and sleeping in the same bed, and “friends” are friends in open pants, college classmates, customers or a club, from a psychological perspective, the freedom to make friends is for menThe significance is related to their evaluation, social relations, etc., and it is bound to give more than his wife.

  If this freedom is stubbornly banned by a woman, the most immediate consequence is to cause men to be disappointed in marriage.

  His woman didn’t even agree with him or even restricted his relationship with friends, it was difficult to make him full of passion for her.

By things and people, by people and feelings, by feelings and hearts.

This cycle is naturally a vicious cycle.

  Freedom to be alone According to a survey conducted by someone from the UK, more than 70% of the men said that the most unbearable is the wife’s puppet, so they miss the good times of being single.

  The beauty of being single is nothing more than the freedom to do whatever you want, even if they keep themselves in the room all day, just to repair a broken skateboard.

But the marriage between two people makes it harder to be alone than to go to heaven.

  Women like two people ten times better than men.

This alone determines that married men are basically deprived of their freedom to be alone.

  A woman who always refuses to be alone with a man is accompanied by the assertion that she is authoritarian, but rather that she is vulnerable.

It wasn’t that she didn’t understand how to pass the time at all, or even whether the man was thinking about things when he was alone or didn’t want to ignore her.

Cause her to collapse, so she always tried to undermine this freedom of men, and the results are self-evident!

  Hobby Free Of course, a man with his own hobbies has unique charm, whether he likes piano, calligraphy, painting, fishing, or studying Tang and Song poetry Ming and Qing furniture.

  If he can keep his passion for self-love in marriage for a long time, and not be disturbed or even maliciously destroyed, then he will be full of gratitude for marriage.

  It’s hard to imagine a man who is always told to learn a lot of money while everything else cannot be considered. A man who feels happy in life and loses his freedom of love has only two words for marriage: escape.

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